Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saturday, May 5th: Wayward Vessel, Sam Cooper

It's been a while since I've updated our site, so apologies on that front!  We've been busy at the Christmas Horse and we've got a lot in store this month!  Just coming off of having a residency series at the Waypost, we're happy to be coming back to hosting shows in the confines of our comfortable home.  What's coming up you ask?  We're celebrating Cinco De Mayo with two talented performances from Sam Cooper and Wayward Vessel!!

Wayward Vessel
A few months ago when I received an email from Kenneth Chapple, 1/4 of Wayward Vessel, I checked out their music and I was immediately hooked.  They present energetic and uplifting bluegrass.  Each player in the group is extremely well-versed and comfortable with their instrument. At times they swell and interweave their melodies in flurries and then break into space to let their individual voices to evolve and be showcased.  Switching between male and female lead vocals, they sing songs of joy and solace that transition often brings.  We're looking forward to exploring a side of acoustic music that we haven't hosted before.  This will surely be a treat.  Please be sure to check out their opening song Shady Grove on their recent release, reminds me of Gillian Welch.

Sam Cooper has always been an immense treat in every capacity that he's performed in, with each set carrying a unique charm into the next.  Sam's shows are always crafted, yet held hold a space for spontaneity in how he plays his songs.  Each set that I've seen has been engaging and spirited.  Sam Cooper is well versed in whatever instrument he picks up, and he crafts immersive stories to accommodate each one.  Mr. Cooper's songs are playful and have a wide range of emotions, and the one consistent element is how they always shift.

This will be a very special show indeed.  It may still be cold enough at night for a fire.  Come and share an evening with friends and music!

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