Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday, January 21st: hello mtn., Bridgit DeCook, and Ezza Rose

We're excited to announce another wonderful filled with amazing musicians and good friends! We're pleased to host hello mtn. a new project from the talented Catherine O'Dell (of Horse Feathers) and energetic multi-instrumentalist Matthew Morgan. hello mtn. create environments rather than separate songs with their performances. Their compositions wrap like a blanket and weave from one piece to the next. The mood of their performances span from songs of heartbreak to rejoice from quiet reflection, all leading to completed evening leaving the listener inspired. One element in their music that never ceases is the element of experimentation with each song expanding and fluctuating bringing new sounds to the table. This show is perfect with the cold weather outside, come join us by the fire! Support to be announced!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, January 8th: Pioneers of Prime Time TV, Courtney Marie Andrews, Galveston

We're extremely excited to welcome back Pioneers of Prime Time TV to grace our living room stage again! Last time they performed, it was such an inspiring evening. Hailing from La Luz, NM they craft some of the most amazing four part harmonies as their set is earnest and sincere. This will be a wonderful night of music that I highly recommend to clear your schedule for! They are on tour with their friend and label mate Courtney Marie Andrews who's voice was heard throughout the whole neighborhood the last time around. Also playing is Galveston who has played here before and has always brings great performances!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday, December 10th: Drew Victor, Ezza Rose

This show will mark the 1 year anniversary of hosting shows here at The Christmas Horse! We're excited to invite Seattle-based Drew Victor to grace our living room with his delicate, beautiful, and complex songwriting. He writes wonderful compositions weaved with a haunting and equally grandiose voice. Also playing is Ezza Rose, who writes very charming pieces with gorgeous melodies and beautiful harmonies. "She [Ezza Rose] has already carved out for herself a distinct voice among the ranks of Portland songstresses." - This Heart Will Burn Right Out

As always, the show begins at 8:30 and is free but a donation is highly encouraged. Come in from the cold and join us for this special performance!