Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday, August 3rd - Passenger & Pilot, Cars & Trains

Hello again!  It's been a while, but after a much needed break and rest, we are fully back to booking shows here at The Christmas Horse!  With that said, we have a great schedule coming up that we're anxious to tell you about!  We'll be hosting the likes of Ashia Grzesik, Houswife, Autopilot is for Lovers, JL Stiles, and Shannon Stevens; but first, we're delighted to present you the first show that we're debuting our new schedule with.  On August 3rd, we'll be hosting the talented and touring Passenger & Pilot with the immensely talented multi-instrumentalist one-man project Cars & Trains!  I promise that the pairing of bands names was coincidental!

Passenger & Pilot
Passenger & Pilot hail from San Francisco, and I met them last year on tour and played an amazing show with them!  They bring heartfelt and heavily arranged compositions.  The whole band has a broad and captivating sound, and it's centered around duet harmonies from the two main songwriters China Langford and Jonathan Hirsch.  When thinking of this band, it brings images of being very community-oriented and engaged with their local surroundings, the band brings together people by it's earnest approach to songwriting and their expression in general.  They're touring in support of their recent release 'The Calm Before'. Gorgeous.

Cars & Trains
Cars & Trains is the complex and mind-boggling project of Tom Fillep, who is the only member of this project, but you would never know that while listening to his music.  Each composition is dense and layered with acoustic textures and resonating vocals laid underneath loops and electronic beats that sway and glitch in and out of everything.  There's a lot to say about Cars & Trains, but it's best just to hear for yourself.  It's a great privilege to FINALLY get him to play!!

This is going to be great.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Continuing with our series of videos, we bring you PANCAKE BREAKFAST! Mike Midlo and Co. have made a couple of appearances at The Christmas Horse and have left such wonderful and indelible impressions with each visit!  Enjoy.