Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saturday, May 14th - Songwriters Round

After a brief hiatus from hosting shows (due to everyone being on the road in some form or another), we're excited to announce that we'll be hosting the extremely talented Justin Lamoreaux along with other incredible songwriters. We'll be hosting a special evening of a rotating roster of friends and guests performing intimate versions of their songs. This will include:

JUSTIN LAMOREAUX (of Midwest Dilemma)
DUSTIN HAMMAN (of Run On Sentence)
MIKE APINYAKULA (of Shoeshine Blue)

Justin Lamoreaux
Most notably known for his involvement in Midwest Dilemma, the huge ensemble hailing from Omaha. Justin will be taking his songs by himself on the road which will call for a special evening of stripped down version of this otherwise heavily arranged pieces. We're honored and very humbled to host Justin in our living room and we would love to greet the official spring with his performance.

As always, there will be a potluck at 8:00 and music begins around 8:30. Bring food and drink! Since Justin is on the road, we're accepting donations to help him get on way.