Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friday, February 4th: Run On Sentence, Alameda, Mike Midlo (of Pancake Breakfast)

This Friday, we will host a plethora of wonderful musicians and songwriters into our living room. We're excited and honored to have Run On Sentence grace us with his incredible voice and lush lyricism. Dustin Hamman has been an amazing staple in Portland, drawing from many influences, his performances are engaging and thoughtful. His newest album You, Me, and the Darkness stretches many moods and blankets the listener with acoustic and electric textures and soundscapes. Hamman's vocal range is what stands out to me the most, sweeping with the music and expanding with every song. Here's a great review of his album from NPR. Also, playing is my band Alameda (with special guests) we're heading off on tour for next two weeks, go to our website to see upcoming dates! Mike Midlo is opening the night, there's a lot to say about Mike. A few things to mention is that he writes some of the catchiest songs to date and has always been able to leave the audience awe-struck with his infectious music. Really excited for this show! As always, there will be a fire to sit by. Bring food if you feel inspired -Music starts at 9:00!