Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, February 11th - Like A Villain, Waver, Clamor, Bellow

After looking at our calendar, I realize that we have hosted shows for the past 5 months straight and with each show we feel the support growing with each one.  One of the things that strikes me the most about these shows is that the audience is always drastically different, ranging from old to young and people coming to support their friends and strangers.  We are proud to say that this has always been a safe place for music and expression and we really feel that everyone has contributed in an immense way!

Waver, Clamor, Bellow
For this next show, we're changing the mood a bit.  We're taking a breath from acoustic guitars and plugging in.  We're excited to announce that Waver, Clamor, Bellow will be returning to the living room.  Spearheaded by guitarist Vernon Shepard and collaborator Ben Magaziner on viola and pedals, they present melodic soundscapes that remind me of A Silver Mt. Zion and Windy & Carl.  Backed with pedals, they interweave a lush atmosphere and provide a lot of sound for two people.  Their "songs" are captured by moments, and while there's a lot of space in their compositions, they are very intentional with textures and each time I've seen them perform, they get more layered and intricate.  You can't find their music online, so you'll have to come and see/listen for yourself!

Like A Villain
There's a lot of ways that I've heard Holland Andrew's (aka Like A Villain) music described - I've just read it as being "Post-Minimalism" - and there's a reason why it's described in so many ways, it's because her music is uniquely it's own and it pulls from a lot of different places.  I would call Holland's music as dense, textured and multi-formed.  Each of her songs bring a unique character that's different from the others.  The compositions from Like A Villain are laden with loops that are often vocal and clarinet-oriented.  Holland's voice is really strong and her harmonies remind me of Bjork.  Her songs are at times peaceful and are more instrumental.  There's a lot of play with dissonance, but comfortable dissonance, while the songs move seamlessly into the next.  We're elated to host Holland and the immense talent that she brings!  You can hear her music at her Facebook page.