Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, September 16th - The Ascetic Junkies, Bells

Coming out of a busy August schedule here at the Christmas Horse, we've been delighted to host such wonderful music over the course of this year. And as if the shows haven't already been amazing, I have the most exciting news that we'll be hosting Bells from San Francisco, as well as local movers and the always engaging Ascetic Junkies!! Every time that I've seen the Ascetic Junkies play live, I'm always in awe of how comfortable they take the stage and feel at home there. All of the members are so connected and create energetic and constantly shifting songs that bounce between foot-stomping bluegrass to post-wave punk all in one song, and done in an effortless way. This group is filled with very skilled musicians and performers and there are wonderful harmonies presented by (the newly wed!) Kali Giaritta and Matt Harmon; they are backed by a whole plethora of instruments and energetic dancing. Check out their album HERE.

There's a lot I can say about Bells, I'll start with the fact that I had the immense pleasure of playing a show with them while on tour in a packed room in the Mission District of SF, and I have never seen a band move an audience to dance as much as they did. Their music is an engaging combination of African rhythm and percussion and experimental tones and textures that makes me think of Animal Collective. The band is fronted by the charismatic singer Sandra Lawson-Ndu and bassist Doug Stewart who weave multi-genre compositions together with ease and fluidity. Please check out there newly-released demo "Kazoo" on their Facebook page. You will not be dissapointed!

As always, music starts at 8:30, and feel free to bring food and drink of any kind. There might be a fire if it's brisk enough outside. Come early for this one!