Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, August 20th - Annie Lynch & Michaela Anne, Lindsay Clark, Ed Thanhouser

We're very pleased to continue the month with another round of wonderful music and songwriting. This Saturday brings Annie Lynch from Annie & The Beekeepers from Brooklyn, NY. I've listened to a few songs and there's a ton of warmth coming out of the trio, there's a lot of bare bones that lay transparent within the songs and they show through with ease. I'm very excited to hear more! This is what I pulled up from a another site: "Annie Lynch shows off her remarkable vocal prowess on a debut album featuring lyrics that dance gently over sweet guitar picking. Lynch creates symphonic, slow- burning tunes that strike a lovely balance between heavy emotion and light, sparse sound." - Paste Magazine

Michaela Anne grew up in a military family, and lived as a modern day gypsy - traveling the American terrain as well as abroad. Always active musically, she picked up influences as diverse as the places she lived. Now planted firmly in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, a neighborhood with an imagined taste of country life within the metropolis of New York City, she h as found a home, and band. Her songs weave stories of the hardships and pleasures in life, notably influenced by the American military family lifestyle. Blending country, blues and folk with heartfelt lyrics and a powerful vocal delivery, Michaela Anne evokes the ever-changing landscape of American life she witnessed first hand.

Lindsay Clark is a wonderful songwriter who recently moved here from Nevada City among
a migration of an extremely talented community. Lindsay plays ballads and spirituals that echo the Appalachian tradition. There's a reflective space in her music, not just in what's expres
sed in the lyrics, but the space that the song holds itself as a whole. Check out her beautiful album here.

Ed Thanhouser is many things in the Portland community: booker, promoter, event organizer, and heavily involved in the PDX Pop Now! Festival, and he also an immensely talented performer. There's a lot of noise coming out of one person. I heard him perform one of his songs in our living room after a show and he left the room anticipating more. Well, he will play a whole set more of his music at this show! We're very humbled to have Ed open the evening grace us with his matured sense of songwriting and arrangement. You can hear his music here.

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