Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, December 17th - Petoskey, Bridgit Jacobsen, Houswife

We are elated to wrap up this year of our living room shows with the joyful sounds of Petoskey!  After such a great year of shows, this is the perfect way to put a cap on 2011!

Petoskey is a very lively band fronted by the charismatic Angie Kuzma who's voice reminds me of Joanna Newsom backed my an energetic group of talented instrumentalists.  Their songs bounce between delicate musings and erupt into flashes of shuffling and swells, always shifting moods within each compositions.  There's a great attention to detail and dynamics to their songs, and they move seamlessly from one part to the other leaving the listener naturally with them as they continue and progress with the story presenting within the song.  They recently released their stellar album Bombs Away that is a solid collection of well-crafted pieces.  A song that really stands out to me is called Always, please check out the full album HERE.

Bridgit Jacobsen
We're so excited to host one of talented and dear friends Bridgit Jacobsen!  The last time that she played here, she silenced the audience from the first to last chord strummed during her performance.  Bridgit plays simple, yet engaging songs, with her voice melding perfectly with her guitar and her strong melodies carrying through each piece with a subtle and trance-like force.  With each song progressing within her set, you're left with a lifted mood and a sense of reflective optimism.  There is no filter with how Bridgit Jacobsen plays and her presence as a person, with each song as a genuine story.  We're honored to have her play here again and she will be performing new material, which I am sure to be quite the show! You can hear some of her music HERE.

"For Kela Parker (aka Houswife), the musician who writes and performs under the name Houswife, music has been a constant presence her whole life, albeit a low-profile one.Her sound bears the mark of the music that inspired Parker to start playing music as a child. The delicate and insistent sound of the piano comes equally from her love of the work of Mozart and Rachmaninoff; the circuitous swirl of her guitar playing inspired by folk artists like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. You can hear the imprint of modern indie rock on these songs, as well. "Let The Walls" echoes with the ghostly pull of artists like Cat Power and PJ Harvey, and "Cutting Cords" aching like the best moments of Bill Callahan. Add to it, a vocal style that gives a tangy, brassy edge to lyrics that closely examine the intricacies of life from both a personal and a universal angle." - Robert Ham speaking about her debut self-titled album.

I want to extend a very loud THANKS to: Dustin Hamman (Run On Sentence), Ezza RoseShoeshine Blue, Mike Apinyakula (Shoeshine Blue), Pancake Breakfast, Justin Lamoraux (Midwest Dilemma), The Moth & The Flame, Waver, Clamor, Bellow Picture Show, Slow Skate, Eliza Rickman, Ritchie Young (Loch Lomond), Ed Thanhouser, Lindsay Clarke, Cotton, Michaela Anne, Annie Lynch (Annie & The Beekeepers), Bells, The Ascetic Junkies, Fever, Lynnae Gryffin, Vikesh Kapoor, Ryan Sollee (The Builders & The Butchers), and Hip Hatchet for making this such an incredible year of music.  Here's to more to come!

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