Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19th - Ryan Sollee (Builders & The Butchers), Hip Hatchet, Cotton

Ryan Sollee (of The Builders & The Butchers)
As the days have grown colder and the nights are taking over the majority of our waking hours, we are approaching the the winter months ahead - there can't be more perfect reasons to stop by and sit by the fire with us with another round of great music!  We are so excited to announce that Ryan Sollee (of The Builders and the Butchers) will be performing a solo set!  Ryan brings history with him in his music, calling back to the doldrum days of the haggard west with his dense vivid murder ballads.  Ryan's songs bring an intensity through and through, delegated from his vocal delivery to his guitar playing.  There is also much revelry in the darkness of his compositions.  Some of the best local shows I've seen have been presented by Ryan and his band, as they bring some the most engaging and lively shows.  Ryan Sollee has toured extensively around the US and abroad and has an incredible resume of artists that he has shared the stage with. This show will be a very special experience as Mr. Sollee presents his more bare-boned version of his songs which I am sure to be captivating!

Hip Hatchet
Hip Hatchet is a band that I've just recently discovered, and what a great discovery!  This project is a great ensemble of great musicians gathered by Phillipe Bronchtein and Alex Lewis.  Their songs are laden with earnest harmonies and lush with guitar intricacy and soft woodwind and piano textures.  Each of these compositions are perfectly described on their site as "simple and carefully orchestrated" the only thing that I would add is that their songs are more of snapshots, and you navigate through them as more of looking at picture than just merely listening.

Cotton is another new ensemble that I've recently become acquainted with.  I checked out their music upon recommendation and I was immediately enraptured from the first song.  The band presents acoustic textures that support melodies from more digital and and electronic elements.  A song that stands out to me is their album opener A Sudden Plea.  I would recommend checking out the rest of their album The Great Cure here.

This goes without saying, but this is going to be a great show!  There is a wonderful combination of established artists and up and coming projects.  Come on out!!

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